Single Stage Regulator For Argon/ Helium/ Nitrogen - $79.95

Single Stage Regulator For Argon/ Helium/ Nitrogen

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Single Stage CGA580 Regulator For Argon/Helium/Nitrogen; 25-100C-580; -- One-piece encapsulated seat design with an internal filter and a PTFE teflon seat; -- Chrome-plated bonnet with Forged brass body; -- 2 dual scale gauges; --- 0-3000 PSI Inlet Pressure; --- DEL. PRESS. Range PSIG: 0-100; --- DEL. PRESS. Gauge PSIG: 150; --- SUPP. PRESS. Gauge PSIG: 4000; --- INLET CONN.: CGA 580; --- OUTLET CONN: 9/16-18 RH;

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ESP ID: ESP11348-1

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